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Salient Features

Salient Features of Upper Trisuli 3B Hydroelectric Project :   
Project Location
Zone / DistrictBagmati / Nuwakot and Rasuwa
Intake SiteKispang Rural Municipality (Nuwakot) and Uttargaya Rural Municipality (Rasuwa)
Powerhouse SiteKispang Rural Municipality (Nuwakot)
Name of RiverTrishuli River
Nearest TownTrishuli Bazar
Type of SchemeRun-of-River
Maximum Gross Head90.0 m
Net Head85.37 m
Installed Capacity37 MW
Average Annual Energy304.78 GWh
Average Annual Energy after Outage292.59 GWh
Catchment Area4577 km2
Mean Annual Discharge192 m3/sec
Design Discharge (at Q70% PoE)51 m3/sec (Tailrace water of Upper Trishuli 3A)
Riparian Release3.84 m3/sec
1000 Yrs Flood Discharge2718 m3/sec
Headpond (Connected to UT3A Tailrace Pond)
Size29 m x 5.2 m to 11.2 m x 7.35 m to 16.8 m
Lowest Bed LevelEL. 712.20 m
Intake Invert LevelEL. 714.90 m
Submergence Depth6 m
Approach Pressure Conduit
TypeBox Culvert and Steel Pipe embedded in concrete
Box Culvert Length276 m
Box Culvert Size5.1 m x 5.1 m
Steel Pipe Length40 m
Diameter of Pipe5.10 m
Headrace Tunnel
ShapeCircular for concrete lined and horseshoe for shotcrete lined section
Length3666 m
Diameter5.20 m for concrete lined and 6.0 m for shotcrete lined
Portal Invert LevelEL. 714.90 m
Adit Tunnel
ShapeInverted D
No. of Adit Tunnels2
Length of Adit-1 Tunnel463.6 m
Diameter of Adit-1 Tunnel 4.0 m
Length of Adit-2 Tunnel100 m (Indicative)
Diameter of Adit-2 Tunnel 5.0 m (Indicative)
Surge Tank
TypeRestricted Orifice
Diameter of Tank15.0 m
Height24.6 m
Throttling Diameter2.0 m
Level of Surge Tank CrownEL. 736.3 m
Bottom Elevation of Surge TankEL. 711.7m
Pressure Tunnel After Penstock Stoplog
Diameter4.20 m
Length33 m (including transition from square to circular pressure tunnel)
Concrete Lining Thickness300 mm
Pipe Shell Thickness14 mm
Inclined Shaft
Type Circular
Diameter4.20 m
Length100 m
Lining Thickness300 mm (Concrete) & 100 mm (Shotcrete)
Pipe Shell Thickness14 mm
Pressure Tunnel After Inclined Shaft
Diameter4.20 m
Length24.0 m
Lining Thickness300 mm
Pipe Shell Thickness14 mm
Penstock After Bifurcation (Penstock Manifold)
Diameter3.0 m
Length15.0 m (including transition)
Steel Lining14.0 mm
Size (L x B x H)37.60 m x 14 m x 28.2 m
Center line of TurbineEL. 634.5 m
Tailrace Conduit
TypeRCC, Conduit
Length129.6 m
Size (B x H)6.7 m x 5.0 m
Tail Water Level EL. 637.5 m
TypeVertical Axis, Francis
No. of UnitsTwo (2)
Rated Output Capacity per unit19.1 MW
Efficiency92.5 %
TypeElectronic with PID Control
Adjustment for Speed DropBetween 0 to 5 %
TypeSynchronous, 3 Phase
No. of UnitsTwo (2)
Rated Output Capacity per Unit22 MVA
Power Factor0.85
Rated Voltage11 kV
Frequency 50 Hz.
Rated Speed375 rpm
Excitation SystemStatic
TypeOutdoor, Oil Immersed, 3 Phase, ONAN
No. of UnitsTwo (2)
Rated Capacity per Unit23 MVA
Frequency50 Hz.
Vector GroupYNd 5
Voltage Ratio11 kV/ 132 kV
Transmission Line
Voltage Level132 kV, Single Circuit
Length3 km
Conductor ACSR "BEAR"
From Powerhouse
ToProposed Trishuli 3B Hub
Construction Period36 months
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